New Features


New Features

With the feedback we have been receiving, we have come up with a couple enhancements to the game to enhance the gameplay.

Power Sliding

One of the problems with the current alpha version is that some turns require great care when entering and exiting. Time things wrong and you end up hitting the side and causing your racer to slow down. Instead of having to slow down and speed up at the right time, we wanted to add a mechanic that allowed skilled players to go through many of the turns at full speed. We have been experimenting with power sliding and hope to release it in the next alpha update.

Level Enhancements

Many of the current levels are fairly simple. None of them are the final levels that will exist in the final game. We are just building out tracks to get the environment artwork to look good. We adjust lighting, skyboxes, terrain textures, and scenery to get the best effect possible. Building the perfect track doesn’t occur all at once, it is something that occurs over a large stretch of time.

Boost Jumps

Boost jumps are currently being added and may be available in the next alpha version. Boost jumps will launch the racer up when the player hits them. This will allow them to skip tricky parts on the track or to get to alternate routes.

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