This is why you want to play Hyperdrive 3D (and yes, a new track is complete) !


This is why you want to play Hyperdrive 3D (and yes, a new track is complete) !

First off, we just completed yet another track: An ancient Mayan City, deep in the jungle, fully equipped with sentry turrets (because it is the future, and evil megacorporations take over everything!)

You can watch a gameplay video featuring the level here:

There was a comment on a gaming forum some time ago about our game that I just adored. That comment was “It doesn’t try to be Wipeout, it might even be better”.

That made me feel like a million bucks, because that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to do here. Make a futuristic combat game for people that like games like Wipeout – but not copycat it. The crucial difference in Hyperdrive is mainly how the combat is handled, which in turn affects all other aspects of the game. Simply put, this is one combat racing game which doesn’t rely on (random  or semi-random) powerups you and your opponent collect during the race. Combat in Hyperdrive is more strategic. In each race, you create your loadout by assigning weapons or items to 4 slots. These will include machine guns, miniguns, plasma rifles, flak cannons, missile launchers, mines, EMPs, boosters, shields, all upgradeable items which you will be able to buy with the money you earn from racing. Those mentioned above are the types of weapons/items available, in the game there will be a myriad of available choices, each with different stats and perks.

Each equipped item has its strengths and weaknesses. Both choosing your loadout carefully and using it intelligently during the race makes all the difference in the world. For example, based on your style of play and the upcoming race track, you might want to use slots for loading items such as boosters and shields, or go “guns blazing” and load a machine gun, a flak cannon, a missile launcher and a plasma rifle all together. Your choices matter, from the moment you assign a weapon or item to a slot, to the moment you fire that weapon in the track. And this is what Hyperdrive 3D is about: Fast futuristic racing, with intense combat that requires you to also think, and rewards you for it.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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