Working on the Website and the Item System


Working on the Website and the Item System

Well, I’m still working on improving the website. I’ve added some more details about the game and what it will have. Images have been replaced and things have been moved around a bit. Hopefully everything seems like it is coming together. As much as I’d rather be working on the game, the website needs to be able to attract people and show off what we are doing.

As far as my development goes. I have finished all features with the multiplayer service. Even though this is just a racing game, there is certainly plenty of things that need to be done to get everything working. Michael has begun integrating it, and he has a simple 1v1 multiplayer demo working.

I will be working on the design for the racer customization and upgrades. We have many of the base attacks and effects already implemented, but we still need to develop the how all the stats and such work.

Here are some rough notes on what I’ve currently got:


  • Top Speed – Maximum speed of vehicle
  • Acceleration – How quickly the vehicle reaches top speed
  • Armor – Instead of damage absorption, this just refers to total amount of hp the racer has
  • Regeneration – How fast the racer fixes itself
  • Handling – Ease of steering the vehicle


  • Laser
  • Flak Cannon (was shotgun)
  • Shield
  • Boost
  • Missile
  • Mines
  • Disrupter
  • Scorcher
  • CryoBeam

Upgrades and stats

  • Reactor (Engine) – Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling
  • Hull – Armor, Regeneration, Acceleration
  • Plating – Armor, Regeneration, Top Speed
  • Aileron – Handling, Acceleration, Armor
  • Computer – Handling, Top Speed, Regeneration

I’m sure there will be some changes in the future, but this is a good start for now.

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