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What Racing Fans Have Been Saying

“Oh wow this looks great. Totally gonna grab this when it comes out!”
“Game looks awesome.”
“It doesn’t “try to be Wipeout”, it might even be better.”

About the Game

Hyperdrive 3D is a futuristic racing game for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, and OUYA.  Complete campaign races to earn credits to upgrade your vehicle, or wager those hard earned credits in multiplayer races with up to 12 other people.  Finish first, or destroy your opponents.  Focus on speed and handling, or make your racer a juggernaut of destruction.  How you play is up to you.  Our unique customization system allows for millions of combinations.




Hyperdrive 3D offers a F2P multiplayer service that is a mix between a MMO and hosted servers. The multiplayer is completely integrated into the single player experience, yet remains optional. Multiplayer offers players the ability to run races with other players while winning credits to upgrade their racers. Special levels and modes of play are also available such as Battle Arenas.

Features Include:

  • Matches with up to 12 players
  • Battle Arenas
  • Win credits by winning matches
  • Track your racing career online


Unique Environments

Tired of racing in the same neon-lit futuristic city in different configurations? We are too! Hyperdrive 3D features several unique environments to race or battle in. Levels have been expertly crafted, play tested, and refined to produce some of the best racing experiences you will find.

Check out some gameplay videos and see both the Desert Oasis and Alien Colony tracks.


Desert Oasis

Alien Colony Track

Other Environments Include:

  • Alien Colonies
  • Desert Oasis
  • Canyons
  • Volcanic Planets
  • Warzones
  • Temples
  • Ship Graveyards
  • Megalopolis